Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm
Employee Engagement Whitepaper
Employee Engagement Whitepaper

Find out how to engage your workforce with Dale Carnegie Training's Employee Engagement Whitepaper - Free!

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Dale Carnegie Course
Dale Carnegie Course

Experience the power of the Dale Carnegie Course. Build better relationships with colleagues, suppliers and customers. Sign up now for our course begininng March 21 in Syracuse.

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“The customized Dale Carnegie training our executives received raised awareness and gave us the tools necessary for improving our effectiveness as communicators. We highly recommend the program to any leader who wants to develop his/her skills for presentations and interviews. The team gained invaluable experience that will help our organization advance and continue to be one of the leaders in our industry.” Lisa D. Mondello Director, Corporate Communications & PR SRC

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Why Dale Carnegie?
Why Dale Carnegie?

Watch this video and see what Dale Carnegie Training of CNY can do for you and your professional development.

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Leadership Development Presentation Skills Training
Executive Coaching Manager Development
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For more information: 315.457.1300 or DCCNY@dalecarenegie.com

Our Clients

The Dale Carnegie Skills to Success Course has been instrumental in the development and growth of my communication skills for my professional career. The program helped me rethink the way in which I engage in interactions with my colleagues and peers on a daily basis, thus allowing me to have more meaningful interactions and develop deeper relationships and connections. The Dale Carnegie of CNY team has been nothing short of outstanding during my 8 weeks in the program. The energy brought each and every week by the course instructor group was truly motivational and key to the success of my time in this program. I will certainly be signing up for additional programs offered by Dale Carnegie of CNY. Dan DeLand, Sales Rep, Ephesus Lighting

Dale Carnegie’s in-house training program is the perfect tool to help Indium Corporation achieve our commitment to investing in the future of our employees and our company. The program’s elements align perfectly with the Indium Way – our company’s guiding principles of respect, appreciation, and achievement.
Dale Carnegie training brings together individuals from disparate parts of our global company and helps establish working relationships outside the boundaries of daily roles. This enhances and strengthens our products and services, our business processes and communication channels, and our culture as it relates to our peers, our customers, and our community. Dawn Roller, Director HQ Services, Indium Corp.

As a relatively young manager and leader, taking Dale Carnegie has been a great resource. The class taught me many skills that I believe have allowed me to be a more effective leader. Since taking the class there have been countless situations where I have been able to go back to something I learned in Dale Carnegie and apply it to ensure a positive outcome. Some of those skills learned or improved include empathy, gaining willing cooperation from others and dealing with stress. Dale Carnegie leadership classes have made me a better communicator, better listener, and better leader.  Wayne J. Wolfe, Domestic Department Manager, Mohawk Global Logistics

Our Elite Instructors

Our instructors belong to one of  the most elite training groups in the world.  We strive for the ultimate in continuous quality. Locally our instructional team ranks two points higher in client reviews than Dale Carnegie instructors world-wide.

All trainers are certified through Dale Carnegie Training and must complete more than 500 hours of training prior to teaching any program on behalf of Dale Carnegie.

Regionally, instructor qualifications include: a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree, minimum five years business experience, minimum five year management/leadership experience. Trainer development is ongoing and re-certification is required annually. 

To become a member of our team contact us at 315.457.1300 or email DCCNY@dalecarnegie.com.

2017 Course Schedule

8  wk Dale Carnegie Skills for Success

City Start Date
Syracuse Jan 23, 2017
  April 12
  June 1
  Aug 30
  Oct 30
Binghamton Sep 26
Utica Oct 11

High Impact Presentations

The experience you receive in this TWO DAY presentations skills training seminar is as close as you can get to having a personal, public speaking training coach.

May 11 and May 18
Sep 29 and Oct 6

Leadership Training for Manager

Seven weeks beginning Sep 29


Indium Corproation Meier Supply
Mohawk Global Logisitcs O'Brien & Gere
Wegmans United Radio
Anaren Bartell Machinery Systems
SRC, Inc. HP Hood



Learn why the Dale Carnegie Course has helped businesses develop and engage employees for more than 100 Years

  1. Engagement - an employee's ability to motivate and lead themselves and others at higher more strategic levels.

  2. Better quality due to interdepartmental communication and relationships.

  3. Innovation readiness; participating and leading the process

  4. Understanding of how behaviors and attitudes impact others and strategic goals.

  5. Personal benefit as well as professional.

  6. Making the right choices for the right reasons with people.

  7. Emotional Intelligence

  8. Leadership effectiveness

  9. Stress management


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